Price & Services

The Wardrobe Edit


*The time of the service would be up to 3 hours

  • Over the phone we will discuss your requirements and book an appointment;
  • During my visit we will have a look at your wardrobe, discuss which clothes may or may not suit your body shape, your natural colours and lifestyle;
  • From selected items I will compose maximum number of outfits, take photos and send them to you as a guidelines;
  • I will complete our session with recommendations for your shopping list

Personal shopping session

£70 per hour

*The time of the service would be up to 3 hours

  • During the initial call we will discuss your ambitions, such as changing your style, updating it with a few fashional statement items or adjusting the current wardrobe to new stage in your life;
  • Then I do 1-hour pre-shopping session, carefully selecting out the most optimal shops and brands for you to visit and choosing few outfits;
  • Next we will go shopping together so you can tray on those outfits from my list that you like and together we discuss which items suit you best;
  • We will then take photos of all your purchases to create a guidelines for convenience.

Special Occasions

£70 per hour

I help to choose best outfit for your special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, a themed party, photoshoot or any social event. I will make sure you meet the criteria of the dress code yet stand out from the crowd.

Holliday packing


*The time of the service would be up to 3 hours

Whenever I pack a bag for my client that goes on holiday, I will always consider these factors:

  • The number of days of stay
  • The weather
  • Event schedule
  • Size of travel bag you are using

I create a “capsule wardrobe” by selecting few basic items of clothing, shoes, accessories and then use them to create different images that you need for your trip.

Online image consultation


My on-line consultation would is designed for busy people and those who live in a different city or country. During this session I do full colours analysis and your body shape. Then based on this I advice you what type of cloth are best for you and together we will develop recommendation for updating your style!

The consultation will help you to:

  • Understand which colours will enrich your appearance
  • Discover the hair tone that suits you the most
  • Find the best style of clothing for your body
  • Choose your accessories
  • Create a dynamic wardrobe, which will benefit your lifestyle

At the end you will receive an electronic presentation with images and a detailed description of everything that we have covered.

Online personal shopping


You need to update your wardrobe and want to do it from conform of your own home? Online shopping consultation will save you time and money!

I have big experience with on line shopping and always aware of sales and best deals.

This service includes:

  • 30 min zoom consultation
  • 3 hours of me searching all options for you
  • I sent you links, we discuss your choices and then you buy selected items
  • 30 min zoom meeting to discuss how to style and incorporate new cloth into you regular wardrobe.